Singapore, March 1, 2009Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) and Asahikawa City Asahiyama Zoological Park Wildlife Conservation Center (Asahiyama Zoo), Japan signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) today for the common objectives of conservation, education and appreciation of wildlife.

Sharing similar goals, both parties will endeavour to undertake conservation and research projects, which will include in-situ work, habitat protection, public education and awareness, and other conservation efforts. Further to conservation and research, both zoos will also facilitate cultural exchanges.

“Wildlife Reserves Singapore is pleased that we have a partner in Asahiyama Zoo. Through this collaboration, we hope to share best practice in all areas of zoo management, improve the genetic diversity of zoo animals through animal exchange and promote the appreciation and understanding of each others cultural and natural heritage,” said Ms Fanny Lai, Group CEO Wildlife Reserves Singapore.

“This MOU provides an excellent opportunity for both parties to learn and further the research and conservation efforts of animals, both in Northeast Asia as well as Southeast Asia. We look forward to working on our first project together,” said Mr Masao Kosuge, director, Asahiyama Zoo.

The MOU between Wildlife Reserves Singapore and Asahiyama Zoo marks the commitment by both parties towards conservation.

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