Singapore, 30 July 2011Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) is throwing open its doors and giving everyone great reasons to visit its parks this month. In conjunction with Singapore’s 46th birthday, its award winning parks, Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari and the Singapore Zoo, are offering a slew of special discounts.

Free Admission
August babies who are Singaporean and Permanent Residents are in for a special treat as they will enjoy complimentary visits across all three parks for the whole month of August. They can visit the parks as many times as they would like, as National Day calls for a massive celebration. Visitors simply need to present a photo identification card as proof of their birthday at the ticketing booth to redeem their free pass.

Recharge with $4.60 and $46 specials
Guests can also rest and recharge at WRS’ food and beverage outlets, which will be offering discounts such as Hawk Café’s chicken rice at Jurong Bird Park at $4.60, Pizzafari’s pizza at Singapore Zoo for $4.60, and Ulu Ulu Restaurant’s chili crab at $46. These promotions are valid for the whole month of August at Jurong Bird Park’s Hawk Cafe, Night Safari’s Ulu Ulu Restaurant and Singapore Zoo’s Pizzafari.

Shop for $4.60 mementos
After a day of fun at the parks, it’s time to bring home a memento from the parks’ retail shops. Shopaholics can bring home a bird plush keyring at $4.60 from Jurong Bird Park or an animal tail at $4.60 at Night Safari and Singapore Zoo. In the spirit of National Day, visitors can display their patriotism by donning a Singapore flag temporary tattoo for just $0.46. These tattoos are available for sale at all retail stores across three parks.

Free admission terms and conditions:

  • Valid till 31 Aug 2011
  • Valid for Singaporeans, PRs, & Employment Pass holders
  • Proof of identity is required
  • Not valid with other offers and online purchase
  • Does not include panorail/tram ride at Jurong Bird Park and Singapore Zoo.


Singapore, 28 July 2011Halloween Horrors, the premier annual event at the Night Safari, returns this year with more macabre and hair-raising fun as the world’s first nocturnal animal park transforms into a circus of horrors. Themed as the “Carnival of Fear”, visitors will be immersed in maudlin scenes featuring freakish characters from both Western and Eastern genres. From creepy clowns and circus zombies to tormented nightclub performers and ghostly street hawkers, this year’s event will certainly not be for the faint-hearted.

Highlights include:

Train of Terror
Visitors will get thrills and chills as they embark on a journey through the site of a circus train wreck on the popular Train of Terror at the Night Safari. Watch out for escaped “animals” and dead circus performers such as Xavier the Illusionist and Booseye the Knife Thrower, as they come back to life in the dark of night. A note of caution: the clowns love to hunt in a pack.

Dr. Freako’s Midnight Trail
Visitors can take a walk through Dr. Freako’s Midnight Trail along the Forest Giant Trail. A mad scientist who conducted brutal and unorthodox animal-human experiments, Dr. Freako and his creations will be showcased in all their gory glory here. These “failed” experiments still linger around the lab, so visitors should enter at their own risk! Be warned – they have a distaste for humans and feed on blood-curdling screams.

Graveyard Haunts
The extinction graveyard near the “Creatures of the Night” show will be home to countless animal victims of modern mass extinction. Amidst the eerie howls of deceased animal spirits, guests will be taught a hard lesson on how humans have played a part in destroying these species.

Shanghai Fright Club
This year’s Halloween Horrors signature ‘house of horrors’ is a haunted Shanghai night club set in the 1940s and 50s. Street hawkers and performers of the Shanghai Tang will rule the roost with an eastern twist. Visitors should take heed of the roaming spirits who will lure them into their lair with glitz and glamour, and be prepared to scream their lungs out as they unveil the club’s darkest secrets.

Dress to Scare!
Come dressed in your most terrifying outfit on Halloween Horror nights. Get spotted by us and you stand a chance to win a $50 Wildlife Reserves Singapore voucher. A winner will be spotted on each of the 11 nights. All winners will enter a final round of judging where the grand winner will win attractive prizes.

Advisory Information
Due to the intense scare factor of this year’s theme, it is not suitable for toddlers and children. Parental guidance and discretion are strongly advised. More information will be available on from August 2011.

Date: 30 Sept, 1, 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22, 28, 29, 30 October 2011 (11 nights)
Venue: Night Safari, 80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729826
Price: Please refer to the table below.

One-Way Ticket To Horror
Pricing Tiers
Off peak: 30 Sep, 1, 7, & 8 Oct
Adult: $40.00
Child: $30.00

Peak: 14, 15, 21, 22 Oct
Adult: $48.00
Child: $38.00

Halloween Horrors Weekend: 28, 29 & 30 Oct
Adult: $56.00
Child: $46.00

Discounts for online purchase
‐ 10% off for purchases completed in Aug – Sept 2011
‐ 5% off for purchases completed in Oct 2011
‐ OCBC cardmembers enjoy 10% off for purchases from Aug – Oct 2011. OCBC 10% discount is also valid for on-site purchases at the Night Safari from Sept to Oct

(The prices above include admission to Night Safari, one entry to the Shanghai Fright Club and one round on the Train of Terror per ticket holder)

Spooky Halloween Set Dinner
Date: 30 Sept, 1, 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22, 28, 29
Venue: Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant
Price: $49.00 ++
Timing: 6.30pm (Maximum 40 guests)

Spooky Halloween Set Dinner


Eye-popping Soup: Tomato Soup with Cream Cheese and Black Olive

Main Course
Mausoleum: Grilled Chicken Patty, Mashed Potato and French Bean

Flicker of the Night: Chocolate Cake with Strawberry Coulis
Deathly Chocs: Petite Fours
The Devil’s Brew: Coffee or Tea

Make your reservation at or call 6360 8650.



Singapore, 27 July 2011 – It’s a call for celebration as three Bali mynahs bred at the world’s largest bird park have returned to their native home in Indonesia.

As part of Wildlife Reserves Singapore’ joint conservation programme with Begawan Foundation, 2 male and 1 female three-year-old Bali Mynahs, successfully bred at Jurong Bird Park have been sent to Bali to increase the gene pool and boost the population of these critically endangered birds.

“We are very excited about the reintroduction of these lovely birds in Bali. We have been breeding them successfully since 1990 and 10 of them are in our collection now. Captive breeding programmes like ours will ensure the survival of such precious wildlife for future generations,” said Mr Raja Segran, General Curator, Jurong Bird Park.

“We are very proud to be working together with Jurong Bird Park’s parent organization, Wildlife Reserves Singapore. The arrival of the three Bali starlings from Jurong Bird Park adds to the professionalism of our breeding programme, and ensures improved breeding stock for future release on the mainland,” said Mr Bradley T. Gardner, Founder, Begawan Foundation.

The Bali Mynahs from Jurong Bird Park will be paired at Begawan Foundation’s Breeding Center and their progenies will be released into the wild.

The Bali Mynah, or better known as the Bali Starling was registered as an endangered bird species by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) in 1970 and is now classified as one of the most critically endangered animals in the world.

Bali Mynahs, the only animals endemic to the island of Bali, are famous for their clear white feathers, black-tipped wings and vivid blue skin around their eyes. They are often captured for the illegal pet trade. Coupled with rapid habitat destruction, this species is close to extinction in the wild with approximately fewer than 50 of them left in the wild.

Photo courtesy of Bjorn Olesen


Singapore, 21 July 2011 – Three adorable lion cubs were born to Night Safari residents Khapat and Amba this March, and they recently had their booster ‘shots’ by the veterinary team.

The tawny three-month-olds were given a clean bill of health after a mandatory vaccination against respiratory and systemic infections. Their first health check took place two months after they were born on 21 March 2011, and they were given a general examination and microchipped for identification.

Similar to humans, animals can suffer from a variety of infectious diseases. Vaccinations are therefore essential in building immunity and prevention against diseases. This is especially important for the cubs when they are given outdoor access and placed on exhibit. Lion cubs usually get a booster shot when they are 12 weeks old and bi-annually thereafter.

“The practice of animal vaccination is recommended by the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA). Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) is dedicated to continually improving standards of animal welfare based on the latest and best practices,” said Dr Serena Oh, Assistant Director, Veterinary, WRS.

The Asian lion is a unique subspecies that splits from the African lion. It is smaller in size and sports a less significant mane compared to its African cousin. Most of the wild Asian lion population is found in India’s Gir Forest, a protected santuary where about 300 of these magnificent animals roam. There are an additional 60 of them living in zoos. Under the International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN), they are listed as ‘endangered’. One of the problems faced by the Asian lion in the wild is in-breeding which has resulted in weaker individuals. Through Night Safari’s captive breeding programme, WRS hopes to be able to increase the number of Asian lions both in the wild and in captivity. To date, Night Safari has successfully bred seven Asian lion cubs in captivity.

Vet staff doing a routine health check before administering the vaccine.
The cub is held down for the vaccination.


SINGAPORE, 14 July 2011 – Fans of the hugely popular Angry Birds iPhone application can now get their hands on game collectibles at the Jurong Bird Park, the world’s largest avian paradise. The flock of vibrantly-coloured plushes became hot ticket items and were quickly sold out when they were first released at the park in early May. From today, fans can browse and buy the full range at the Bird Park’s Feathers gift shop, which is located before the ticketing counter, so no admission is necessary to make a purchase.

Jurong Bird Park, the official licensed retailer of the Angry Bird collectibles in Singapore, will carry a wide range of products including huggable plush toys of varying sizes, keychains, figurines and iPhone mobile covers. A limited stock of iPad 2 covers, retailing at $79.90, will also be available, together with iPhone 4 and iTouch covers priced at $39.90.

This fun and addictive game, created by Finland-based Rovio Mobile, has been downloaded more than 100 million times by users on a range of devices. It involves catapulting ‘angry birds’ at greedy green pigs using a slingshot.

All prices inclusive GST:

1. iPad 2 cases – $79.90
2. iPhone 4 & iTouch covers – $39.90
3. 3″ clip-on – $9.90
4. 5″ plush toy with sound – $14.90
5. 8″ plush toy with sound – $22.90
6. 16″ plush toy – $69.90
7. 12″ plush toy with sound (assorted) – $35.90 (NEW)
8. 12″ green king pig with sound – $35.90 (NEW)
9. Keychain Figurine – $9.90 (NEW)
10. Figurine 2 Pack Asst – $13.90 (NEW)
11. 5″ Bouncing Ball – $13.90 (NEW)

Feathers gift shop (located before the Park’s entrance)
Jurong Bird Park
2 Jurong Hill
Singapore 628925
Tel: 6661 7857

Angry Birds Plush Toys