Singapore, 14 September 2011 – A red-crested cardinal – best resembling one of the main characters in the famous Angry Birds game – has hatched at the world’s biggest bird park. Jurong Bird Park recently welcomed its first red-crested cardinal hatchling at the Jungle Jewels aviary in August, and keepers noticed it when they saw the chick in its juvenile brown plumage, flying in the exhibit.

Commonly found in northern Argentina, Bolivia, southern Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, the adult red-crested cardinal is easily identified by its bright red head, crest, and upper breast. This latest addition is the offspring of the Bird Park’s only pair.

“We have a pair in our collection because of species’ strict breeding requirements – they are known to be territorial, usually around their potential nesting areas during breeding season. It was only fairly recently that the male and female red-crested cardinal paired up, and we are overjoyed to have a chick flying around the Jungle Jewels Aviary. Birds only breed when they feel secure, are comfortable and husbandry needs are met, so this little chick, amongst others, is testament to our successes with our conservation objectives,” said Ms Kazveen Umrigar, Curator, Jurong Bird Park.

Also known as the Brazilian Cardinal, this particular bird species was once in demand as a cage bird and saw a sharp decline in its population in the wild. It is a monogamous species – the pair at the bird park has been together since 2000. Unlike other birds, the male cardinal solely constructs and weaves the nest, which is approved by the female during nesting and breeding.

Visitors can view this family of cardinals at the Jungle Jewels aviary, which is a 2,300 sq m showcase of the great diversity of birds in South America. The South American rainforest represents over half of the world’s remaining rainforest, and houses the largest and richest species of animals in the world.

Red-crested cardinal
Red-crested cardinal
Red-crested cardial hatchling

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