The decision to cancel the Halloween Horrors event at the Night Safari planned for October this year, while a difficult call to make, was made with the best interests of the park and its many visitors in mind. I recognize that the decision has drawn a passionate response. We are looking for ways to redirect that passion into activities that are more in keeping with the stated objectives of the park.

The mission of Wildlife Reserves Singapore is to inspire an appreciation of nature through exciting and meaningful wildlife experiences. Our focus is on education, conservation, family recreation and bonding within the context of a wildlife reserve experience.

On reviewing the Halloween Horrors event, it was not clear that it met these objectives. Over the past few years, the event has not contributed to a noticeable increase in visitors in the month in which it occurred. By contrast, family themed events such as the National Day celebration and Hari Raya have resulted in a significant increase in visitors to the park on peak days.

From the perspectives both of the aims of the park and the commercial realities of running a world class wildlife attraction, the prudent course of action was to cancel the event and redirect those resources to other celebrations of more local relevance. The decision was made in the very best interests of the park and its visitors and reports that imply otherwise are misleading.

WRS will honour all contractual obligations to suppliers of goods and services in connection with this event and will fully reimburse each of the 169 patrons who have purchased the 800 tickets sold.

I appreciate the efforts that have gone into preparing for the event and especially the passion and commitment displayed by the students at Singapore Polytechnic who have been involved in this project. We are exploring ways in which that passion can be directed toward activities that will provide Singaporeans and overseas visitors to the park with an experience more in keeping with the objectives of the Night Safari and more inclusive of people who seek a family evening exploring the park’s many wildlife attractions.

Isabella Loh
Director & Group CEO
Wildlife Reserves Singapore


  1. For the mid autmn festival, you have released the floating lanterns with lit candles in the Upper Seletar Reservoir. Do you think is right?

    Water from the reservoir are meant for everyone’s drinking not for your celebrations lightings. As I am concerned about the water whether is it now safe for drinking, I would appreciate if you could please advise if the water is now safe for drinking after wax has been released.

    Is just for a discussion on this topic. Thanks.

  2. Dear CEO Isabella Loh,
    I applaud you for staying with your ‘no-go’ decision inspite of the much publicised outcry against the cancellation of Halloween Horrors.

    As with many Singaporeans, I never understood the theme of Halloween Horrors in the objectives of Wildlife Reserves. The event is not only non-Singaporean culturally but does nothing in educating our people especially children about conservation.

    Again, thank you for keeping true to the mission and values of Wildlife Reserves.


  3. whatever your reasons are, the decision to cancel it at the last minute is not the best option you could taken. it just reflects bad planning by WRS.

  4. Hi Isabella,
    I posted my Pri 3 daughter’s essay in WRS Facebook. In the essay, she describes our experience at the Night Safari in Oct 2008. I think you may find some comfort in it. It was written some months before the Halloween Horrors event was removed.

    Best wishes,

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