27 April 2012 – To mark its 18th anniversary on May 26, the world’s first Night Safari will be rolling out various exciting promotions for visitors to visit the wildlife park. From 1 to 31 May, visitors can enjoy discounts on admission, dining and retail experiences as they get close to over 2,500 animals.

Free Admission and Discounts for 18-year-olds

As part of its 18th year celebrations, the park will be extending a month-long free admission for visitors born in May 1994*. This applies to Singaporeans, Permanent Residents, and those holding employment passes and study permits. To qualify for free admission, visitors will need to present original identification cards at Night Safari’s ticketing booths.

In addition to free admission, those born in May 1994 can also bring their families and loved ones and purchase up to 5 admission tickets at 20% discount.

Admission into Night Safari includes a 40-minute tram ride – one of the park’s highlights – that will bring visitors through seven geographic regions from the Himalayan foothills to the jungles of Southeast Asia. Those keen for more adventure can explore the four interlinked walking trails for closer encounters with threatened and endangered species such as the pangolin, clouded leopard and slow loris. Visitors can also catch the Creatures of the Night Show which showcases the predatory and survival instincts of otters, binturongs and hyenas.

*Terms & Conditions:
1. Valid for Singaporeans, Permanent Residents, employment pass and study permit holders born in May 1994.
2. Produce original identification cards at Night Safari’s ticketing booths to enjoy offer.
3. Valid for park visit from 1 – 31 May 2012.
4. Each identification card entitles one free admission and 20% discount for a maximum of 5 admission tickets.
5. Free admission and 20% discounts are not valid with any other credit card or in-park promotions.

$18 Food Galore

A visitor’s experience at Night Safari is not limited to animals but extends to experiential dining at Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant, where they can soak in the rustic charm of the old kampong days, and indulge in the restaurant’s signature dish – Chili Crab – served in claypot for $18**.

Those looking for a quick bite before their safari adventure can also savour a variety of local tidbits for $1.80 at the snack kiosk located at Ben & Jerry’s scoop shop.

$18 Mini Chilli Crab Special served in Claypot

**Terms & Conditions:
1. Valid from 1 – 31 May 2012.
2. Valid only for dine-in only at Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant.
3. Not valid with other credit card or in-park promotions.
4. Admission tickets are not required for entry to Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant.

$18 Retail Surprises

For a perfect ending to the night, visitors can bring home a piece of the Night Safari experience with limited edition gifts that include t-shirts, mugs, caps and eco-friendly bags. These are available at $18.00 each *** at the park’s latest retail store at the new entrance that features a treasure trove of mementos to complete the Night Safari adventure.

$18 Retail Surprises

***Terms & Conditions:
1. Each item is available at $18.00, except for eco-friendly bags, where 2 bags are priced at $18.00.
2. Valid from 1 – 31 May 2012.
3. Not valid with other credit card or in-park promotions.
4. Admission tickets are not required for entry to retail store.