Shoppers to Orchard Road today were greeted with an egg-pic photo opportunity from Jurong Bird Park – a 1.3m tall giant egg in hot pink sunglasses with feet and wings in a deck chair under a beach umbrella.

A roving exhibit for today and tomorrow, the giant egg being egg-cellently pampered getting a pedicure and feathers being groomed was showcased at the areas outside H&M, Mandarin Gallery, Takashimaya and Paragon from 2pm to 6pm. A traffic-stopping moment, many gawking shoppers whipped out their cameras and phones for photographs.

This is a tongue-in-chick look at how the Breeding & Research Centre (BRC) in Jurong Bird Park takes eggs-treme care of the many eggs and chicks under their charge. Today, the BRC opened its’ doors to guests, to instill a deeper appreciation of wildlife. There are eight areas (incubation rooms, nurseries, weaning rooms and a kitchen) through which guests can take a peek at the eggs and chicks as they mature through life’s stages. Guests also get a chance to watch a live streaming feed of avian nest activities at the Breeding Blocks which are not publicly accessible.

Heads up! Looking chic in town.

Queenly carried across Orchard Road, the eggs-pert pampering knows no bounds!

As busy Orchard bustles by, the giant egg takes a chill pill in her deck chair whilst being combed and pedicured.

Oblivious to the glare of the afternoon sun, the giant egg basks comfortably while a passer-by shields herself.

A picture perfect moment as her partner snaps away.

Look mum! I can eggs-pertly pamper the egg too!

After an egg-cellent afternoon of being pampered, the giant egg gets escorted off into the sunset.