Singapore, 1 Jun 2012 — Forget The Avengers or Spiderman; these super heroes have a bigger mission at hand—to save our environment from further destruction. Hailing from Australia, the Enviro-Mentals will be descending upon Singapore Zoo this Sunday, 3 June 2012 to help spread the message of conservation through song and dance!

(From left) Flick, Phoenix, Newton and Pia are part of an all-new team with a
mission to save the world!
The Enviro-Mentals are off on their next mission to save the Universe!
Phoenix and Flick get groovy with the crowd at Singapore Zoo.
The Enviro-Mentals want YOU to do your part to save the environment.

While you’re in Singapore Zoo to catch them, enjoy all the activities of our Primate Affair event as well!

Date: 3 June 2012 (Sun)
Venue: Rainforest Kidzworld Amphitheatre, Singapore Zoo, 80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729826
Time: 10.30am
Note: Normal admission rates of $20.00 for adults and $13.00 for children between 3-12 years apply

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