River Safari

Asia’s first and only river-themed wildlife park!
From the creators of the multiple award-winning Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and Jurong Bird Park, comes another world-class animal park attraction set to thrill visitors in Asia and around the world.

The River Safari, set to open in 2012, will take visitors on an up-close and multi-sensorial journey to the realm of the largest collection of freshwater flora and fauna in Asia – 500 species and over 5,000 specimens to be exact!

Cradled within the lush and enchanting jungles fringing the breathtaking Mandai Lake, the S$140 million attraction will boast state-of-the-art exhibition design and advanced animal park technology and artistry to captivate and engage visitors of all ages. ‘Live’ presentations, roving entertainment, open-air expedition boat rides, behind-the-scenes tours and more. Expect to be swept away as you meander through mysterious thicket caverns, enchanting backwaters, and sundrenched forest chambers, spotting some of the most beautiful and rare freshwater animals and plants at every turn.

Adding to the free-flow of riveting treats will be the Giant Pandas. These cuddly Chinese ‘envoys’ will be in their specially-built 4 seasons climate-controlled homes. Also on the cards are panda conservation interpretives, educational programmes and behind-the-scenes experience on panda care to enrich your river adventure.

Indeed the entire River Safari experience will be an eye-opening adventure that will unveil the intimate wonders of our planet’s fresh water ecosystem. In its wake, visitors will be illuminated on the roles we all have to play in conserving this natural treasure.

River Safari has even more to offer. For those who wish to combine pleasure with business, the park is poised to set new standards as a venue for corporate BTMICE or brainstorming retreats. In addition to innovative corporate services and impressive meeting facilities, the River Safari will highlight a 600-seater lake-fronting auditorium set to get the creative juices flowing for a productive and unforgettable business convention.

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