– Kids hone their skills in birding this June with multitude of holiday activities. Jurong Bird Park offers free admission for kids accompanied by a paying adult.

Singapore, 19 May 2014
– Enthrall young minds with the fascinating world of birds this June with Jurong Bird Park’s Be A Junior Birdwatcher programme.

Created with the aim of making learning journeys both fun and educational, Be A Junior Birdwatcher will take children through the Junior Birdwatcher Academy where they will hone their skills in birdwatching, go on a birding expedition, and experience feeding and up close encounters with birds!

What’s more, this holidays, the ‘Kids Come In Free’ promotion, entitles all kids to free admission* when accompanied by a paying adult. This offer will be available throughout the school holidays, and complements the host of egg-citing activities lined up for young ones.

Birds Gone Wild!
Birds Gone Wild!

Activity details

1. Be a Junior Birdwatcher
Kids will love being a Junior Birdwatcher for the day. Armed with multiple tools such as a logbook and binoculars, young ones are sure to enjoy their journey as they document their observations.

Dates: 7-29 June, weekends only
Time: 8.30am – 6.00pm

2. Junior Birdwatcher Academy
Young and aspiring visitors have a chance to be certified as a Junior Birdwatcher at Jurong Bird Park! All they have to do is to complete the tasks in the birdwatcher logbook, receive a stamp and they will be presented with a Junior Birdwatcher Certificate at the end of their mission.

Dates: 7-29 June, weekends only
Time: 12.00pm – 4.00pm

3. The Curious Adventures of Rico
Everyone knows that the Kaka bird is extinct except Rico, a passionate birdwatcher, who believes that it still exists. No one has seen the Kaka bird since 1851. Based on his research, it was last ‘seen’ in a remote waterfall in Waterfall Aviary. His journey starts at the Penguin Coast where he looks for other bird watcher enthusiasts to join him on his search. Featuring a puppet show and tell, kids will assist Rico in identifying various bird species.

Dates: 7-29 June, weekends only
Time: 1.30pm
Venue: Waterfall Aviary Terrace
4. Let’s Go Birdwatching
Our veteran birdwatcher will bring junior birdwatchers on a hiking trail to Waterfall Aviary to start their journey and explain the types of birds found there and their favourite resting spots. This interactive session will allow kids to have fun while learning as they match the birds they have seen against their bird ID card. Junior birdwatchers who have matched their findings accordingly will win a prize!

Dates: 7-29 June, weekends only
Time: 1.00pm, 2.00pm
Venue: Waterfall Aviary

5. Birds Go Wild!
One of the senior birdwatchers has found a special spot thriving with amazing birds. He will meet the young birdwatchers there and they will then get a first-hand experience in feeding and getting up close and personal with the birds.

Dates: 7-29 June, weekends only
Time: 10.30am, 2.30pm
Venue: Waterfall Aviary

* ‘Kids Come In Free’ terms and conditions:

  • Offer includes one (1) complimentary single day child admission ticket with one (1) full-priced single day adult admission ticket to Jurong Bird Park.
  • Valid from 31 May 2014 to 29 June 2014.
  • Valid for all Singaporeans, PR & employment pass/study permit holders.
  • Flash coupon, found on and proof of identity to enjoy offer. Excludes tram rides.
  • Child defined as 3 to 12 years old.
  • Not valid with other discounts, promotions or rebates.
  • Not valid for tour groups, travel agents, school groups, online and SISTIC bookings.
  • Promotion is only valid for tickets bought over the Jurong Bird Park ticketing counters.
  • Offer applies to admission on day of ticket purchase.
  • Admission ticket purchased is not refundable or exchangeable for cash or kind.
  • No claims will be entertained for any lost, torn, defaced or expired ticket.
  • Jurong Bird Park reserves the right to amend the terms & conditions without any prior notice.


Release will add to the genetic pool of Oriental Pied Hornbills in the wild; bird unsighted in Singapore for over 140 years prior to 1994.

An Oriental Pied hornbill in Jurong Bird Park being measured from bill tip to rear bill intersection prior to a planned release for the purpose of increasing the genetic pool of the species’ wild population.
An Oriental Pied hornbill in Jurong Bird Park being measured from bill tip to rear bill intersection prior to a planned release for the purpose of increasing the genetic pool of the species’ wild population.

Singapore, 8 July 2013 – In an effort to diversify the genetic pool of wild hornbills in Singapore, Jurong Bird Park will release three Oriental Pied Hornbills from their collection to Pulau Ubin on 10 July.

“Increasing the genetic pool of Oriental Pied Hornbills or any other bird is important to the conservation of the species because it allows for a healthier population of these birds. With more genetic diversity, the species is less susceptible to diseases,” said Dr Minerva Bongco-Nuqui, Curator, Avian, Jurong Bird Park.

Jurong Bird Park is the first institution globally to successfully incubate and hatch Oriental Pied Hornbills. The park has one of the largest collections of hornbills globally, with 17 species represented.
Jurong Bird Park is the first institution globally to successfully incubate and hatch Oriental Pied Hornbills. The park has one of the largest collections of hornbills globally, with 17 species represented.

Earlier in March, the Bird Park became the first institution globally to successfully artificially incubate and hatch three Oriental pied hornbill eggs, which had been rescued from Pulau Ubin by officers from the National Parks Board (NParks). These three chicks have been absorbed into the Park’s collection. Retaining these three chicks enables the Park to increase the breeding genetic pool of the existing collection. Similarly, releasing three other birds to Pulau Ubin gives the wild population of Oriental Pied Hornbills greater diversity in the genetic pool.

The Oriental Pied Hornbills selected for release include a bonded pair which are captive bred and a male which was donated to the Park. In preparation for the release and to allow these birds to acclimatise, whole fruit found on the island have been introduced into their diet. These birds were also tested to be free from diseases before the release.

Ahead of the release, the Oriental Pied Hornbills have undergone a physical measurement and health check. Data like the microchip number, sex, age, body length and casque length were recorded and kept for conservation and research purposes. Conservationists can extrapolate from this data as a reference point and make inferences to the general overview of the population, to understand the group’s dynamics, leading to better management of the population.

On 10 July, the bonded pair and one male hornbill will set forth from Jurong Bird Park for Pulau Ubin to be released. They will join an estimated 60 Oriental Pied Hornbills on the offshore island. The release site was chosen as it is the same location from which three Oriental pied hornbill eggs were rescued in January this year.

“NParks has been working closely with Jurong Bird Park and the Singapore Avian Conservation Project team in hornbill conservation since 2004. Due to the concerted efforts of the parties involved, the population of Oriental Pied Hornbills in the wild has increased from a few individuals to about 100 hornbills all over Singapore. In addition to being a part of Singapore’s natural heritage, Oriental Pied Hornbills are also natural dispersers of seeds. As such, the birds reach various areas in Singapore, including remote forested areas in our nature reserves, re-populating the island with plants. This adds to the rich biodiversity of flora and fauna in our City in a Garden. Today, we are very excited with another step in our ex-situ conservation efforts and the release of three Oriental Pied Hornbills,” said Wong Tuan Wah, Director (Conservation), NParks.

The Oriental Pied Hornbill disappeared from Singapore in the mid-1800s, possibly due to hunting and loss of suitable habitats. In 1994, a pair was sighted on Pulau Ubin. Once virtually disappeared from Singapore, the bird is today re-establishing healthy colonies here, thanks to the collective efforts of the NParks, Jurong Bird Park, and Singapore Avian Conservation Project (SACP).

Jurong Bird Park has one of the largest collections of hornbills globally, with 17 species represented. The Park has 17 Oriental Pied Hornbills, some of which can be seen at the Hornbills & Toucans exhibit. During breeding season which takes place from November to March, cameras will be installed in the Oriental Pied Hornbill exhibit, and visitors can catch a glimpse of nesting activities through television screens placed at the exhibit.



SINGAPORE, 29 June 2011 – Get ready for some camera action while experiencing a vivid spectrum of colours with a photography competition organised by world’s largest bird paradise. From 1 July to 30 September, Jurong Bird Park will present its colourful and fascinating avian residents as subjects in ‘Picture the Colour,’ a photography competition designed to promote and encourage avian conservation and awareness. In line with the Bird Park’s 40th anniversary, the competition underscores the importance of protecting our colourful feathered friends as they face the pressures of rapid urbanisation and the destruction of their natural habitats. Best of all, the winning prizes – Nikon cameras as well as Cathay Photo vouchers – are up for grabs for the most outstanding photo submissions. Participants can choose to compete in two of three categories: Old Skool Professional, Old Skool Amateur and Shoot From The Hip.

Old Skool Professional category caters to the avid semi-professional photographers, challenging the skills of contestants in taking birds with DSLR cameras while the Old Skool Amateur category is aimed at photography fans who use point and shoot cameras. Lomo fans fret not; Shoot From The Hip gives them a chance to capture fun and creative photos with any toy camera or mobile phone camera with the use of lomography photo applications. All photo entries are expected to be of birds in the exhibits, wild or even migratory birds at Jurong Bird Park.

The judging panel for Picture the Colour consists of professional photographers from the industry including Mr Lee Tiah Khee, Chief Photographer from Lianhe Zaobao, Mr Desmond Foo, Executive Photojournalist, from Straits Times, Mr Then Chih Wey, Photographer, Xinhua News Agency and Mr Terence Tan, Freelance Photojournalist. They will be joined by a representative from Nikon as well.

There will be three winners in each category, who will be selected by the judges based on composition, subject, technical detail, creativity, amongst others. Fans of WRS’ Facebook page will also get the opportunity to pick their favourite pictures through a public vote, and a winner will be selected in each category for the ‘most liked picture’.

Prizes for this inaugural competition include Nikon products such as the D300s DSLR camera, as well as D5000 kit and D3000 kit. Other prizes include vouchers from Cathay Photo and vouchers for toy cameras, as well as Jurong Bird Park merchandise. For more information about the ‘Picture the Colour’ photography competition, please visit:

Join in the fun and test your skills