To celebrate its birthday on 3 January, Jurong Bird Park offers Singapore residents 45% off admission, special edition of breathtaking High Flyers Show, retail and F&B specials;
First 45 guests walk away with an exclusive goodie bag

Jurong Bird Park, which turns 45 on 3 January 2016, invites guests to join in the celebrations with 45% off park admission for Singapore residents, a birthday edition of the High Flyers Show, as well as retail and F&B specials. The first 45 guests to visit the park on its birthday will receive an exclusive hamper. PHOTO CREDITS: WILDLIFE RESERVES SINGAPORE.


SINGAPORE, 17 December 2015Jurong Bird Park, Singapore’s first wildlife attraction, turns 45 on 3 January 2016, and the park is inviting everyone to flock over to join in the festivities.

Singapore residents who visit the park on its birthday (3 January, Sunday) will enjoy 45% off admission at Asia’s largest bird paradise. In addition, the first 45 guests will walk away with a goodie bag containing exclusive merchandise worth S$80.

For one day only, guests will get to enjoy a birthday edition of the popular High Flyers Show at 11am and 3pm, which promises a spectacular showcase of living colours in the avian world. Some pioneer show birds will take a day off their comfortable retirement to re-live their days as feathered stars and make special appearances.

Opened on 3 Jan 1971, Jurong Bird Park aims to enhance guests’ understanding and appreciation of the colourful avian world through naturalistic exhibits, interactive feeding sessions and world-class bird shows. Situated on a 20.2-hectare hillside, the award-winning park is a haven for 5,000 birds representing 400 of the world’s bird species. As the oldest wildlife park in Singapore, it is an excellent model of success, spearheading avian conservation and education infused with recreation fun for both young and old, locals and tourists.

Over the years, the bird park has made significant strides towards establishing itself as theregion’s leading institution for the conservation of avian biodiversity. In the area of ex-situ conservation, it has a Breeding and Research Centre dedicated to the breeding and promulgation of birdlife, and has won several accolades for its breeding programmes. Committed towards conservation, Jurong Bird Park has successfully bred threatened species such as the Bali mynah, blue-throated macaw and other significant species such as the black palm cockatoo, hyacinth macaw and red-fronted macaw.

Guests heading to the park on 3 January will also enjoy retail and F&B deals, including 45% off their choice of kids’ meal at Bongo Burgers restaurant with any purchase of a regular set meal.

The festivities on 3 January will kick off a series of celebratory events for Jurong Bird Park’s 45th anniversary. More details will be announced at a later date.

More information is available at www.birdpark.com.sg