Singapore, 20 November 2011 – Nila Utama, the first elephant to be born at the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari in nine years, is making yet another small but deep footprint today as he celebrates his first birthday at an exclusive tea party.

The little elephant, lovingly referred to as ‘Nila’ by his keepers and who is named after the Palembang prince who founded the kingdom of Singapura, will receive a giant birthday cake made with carrots, wheat and ice, among other ingredients, while his guests will enjoy delicious elephant-shaped mini cakes and other tea-time treats during the celebration.

As part of the 2-hour programme, invited guests will be taken on a gourmet safari tram ride at the Night Safari, which stops at the Asian elephants exhibit where the party will be held. They will get to see the Nila and his family frolicking in the water and observe the close bonds between the elephants and their keepers.

“The birth of Nila Utama was a significant milestone for us as it underscored the importance of education and conservation of Asian elephants in the wild,” said Mr. Kumar Pillai, General Manager, Night Safari. “This mini event is not only a birthday celebration for Nila – it also highlights the success of captive breeding programmes like ours and the plight of these beautiful animals in the wild.”

Currently housed at the Asian elephants exhibit at the Night Safari, the birthday boy is an active calf and has his own unique quirks. Keepers noticed his strong sense of independence right from his birth. He is also inquisitive and fun-loving, and always relishing the chance to play with the logs or those along his path at the exhibit. He also likes to swim and wallow in the mud whenever he has the chance.

Nila was born on 23 November last year to mother Nandong and father Chawang, and is the 11th addition to the population of Asian elephants at Wildlife Reserves Singapore, which manages the Night Safari, Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park and the upcoming River Safari. He was a whopping 151kg at birth, and at 11 months of age, is a healthy elephant weighing 544 kilograms and measuring 1.38 metres in height. Considered large for a newborn at 1.5 times the average size, Nila arrived after 3 hours of labour. He has two siblings – 12-year-old Sang Raja which is currently at Cologne Zoo, Germany, and nine-year-old Sang Wira which still resides at the Night Safari.

Asian elephants are listed as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and is protected from international trade by its listing on the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). They are more endangered than their better recognised counterpart, the African elephants and the threat of habitat loss is eminent for these creatures. The native homes of the Asian elephants are often being logged and cleared for urban and agricultural development. They are also often captured and killed by poachers for their tusks.

Asian elephants are found in the forests of India, Sri Lanka, Laos, Myanmar, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. These gentle giants survive on a diet of grass, leaves, bark, roots and fruits. Many of them are widely domesticated and are used for forestry, harvesting, or ceremonial purposes. There are only an estimated 30,000 to 50,000 Asian elephants left in the wild today.

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One-year-old baby elephant Nila Utama takes a walk with his mother, Sri Nandong, at the Night Safari.


India, 02 August 2010 – Business meetings have witnessed a paradigm shift with wildlife-themed tourism making inroads in Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) parks, which has innovated the concept of promoting business in alternative wildlife settings. Across the three parks managed by WRS, namely Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari and Singapore Zoo, and the upcoming fourth attraction, River Safari, the MICE industry is able to take advantage of the unique concept of proximity to wildlife as the main draw for an exclusive event venue.

This new form of business tourism is one of the fastest growing segments of the international tourism market. With an eye on the potential this segment brings, WRS has customised affordable plans for corporate companies like Tata AIG (India), AXA (China), Pepsico International, Exxonmobil Chemical International and 3M Asia Pacific, who choose to conduct conventions, business meetings or team building workshops in rustic settings combining leisure with business.

“Singapore is well-placed as a tourist destination, satisfying the most discerning of visitors with her food and shopping varieties, an easy-to-navigate public transport system and unsurpassed efficiency, all of which when combined also make her a preferred MICE venue for many overseas companies. WRS is strategically positioned to provide the finest destination for meetings, conventions and summits with distinctive animal appearances, which makes our unique wildlife environment a refreshing alternative to a typical urban setting. It is an experience of a lifetime,” said Ms Isabel Cheng, Director, Sales, Marketing & Communications, Wildlife Reserves Singapore.

Amongst the 25 indoor and outdoor MICE venues across three parks, Jurong Bird Park is a hillside haven unmatched in its tranquility and magical charms. Guests can dine at The Lodge on Flamingo Lake, a 3-storey glass restaurant amidst elegant pink flamingos, or even dine with penguins in A Black and White Affair, featuring 200 penguins of five species at their best parade, together with live commentary. The Bird Park’s Humboldt penguin star, Pinky, can also make an appearance for some special picture opportunities. This programme was awarded Silver at the Pinnacle Awards organised by the International Food and Events Association (IFEA).

Over at the world’s first Night Safari, guests can enjoy dining amidst rustic furnishings, soothing ethnic music and tribal dance performances at the Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant. Separate dining areas like Ulu Court can be reserved for parties of 100. Another ever-popular package is the award-winning Gourmet Safari Express, where dinner is savoured on a specially decorated tram which goes around the lush secondary rainforest in Night Safari. Gourmet Safari Express bagged IFEA’s Gold Award in the Best New Event Category.

Early rising guests may indulge in the multiple award-winning delectable Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife at Singapore Zoo’s Ah Meng Restaurant, featuring special appearances by the orang utans. Guests who prefer the evening breeze can enjoy cocktails or dinners at Australian Outback, Pavilion by the Lake and Forest Lodge. For a dash of excitement, Lunch with Lions promises to enthrall, combining wildlife, thrills and gourmet food into one.

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