Singapore, 15 April 2011 – Lunchtime visitors to the Jurong Bird Park, the world’s largest bird paradise, can now delight in rich cuisine in some highly unusual winged company at the park’s Songbird Terrace every day. From 12-2pm daily, dine-in customers at the restaurant can catch the highly-interactive Parrot Show while feasting on an all new lunch buffet.

From wok-fried butter prawns to chocolate and strawberry roulade, the lunch buffet offers a variety of local cuisine including dishes such as Singapore Laksa and Oriental Beancurd with Mixed Vegetable. Visitors with a sweet tooth will enjoy the ice cream and the tropical fruit platter after the mains. Coffee and tea are served with the buffet, but the Singapore Sling or local draught beer will be charged separately. The buffet, specially prepared by The Lodge’s kitchen, costs $19+ per adult, and $15+ per
child between the ages of 6 and 12. No pork or lard is served at this buffet.

“The idea is to bring together the best of both worlds – food and entertainment. We then decided to move the Parrot Show from the Pools Amphitheatre to the Songbird Terrace so that visitors can have a leisurely lunch while enjoying the lovable antics of our parrots and macaws,” said Ms Agnes Toh, Assistant Director, F&B, Wildlife Reserves Singapore. “With an extended stage that overlooks the Flamingo Lake, the Songbird Terrace provides a natural and stunning backdrop for photography. The new layout also creates a fun-filled setting for visitors to see the birds up close.”

Lunch with Parrots features resident birds such as sulphur-crested cockatoos, a yellow-headed Amazon parrot, a scarlet macaw, and a yellow-naped Amazon parrot, which can sing a birthday song for visitors.

Great food, great entertainment

Interact with the birds

Incredible bird performance