River Safari launches touch pool experience and new exhibits featuring the world’s smallest primates, sea stars and prehistoric critters;
Local residents enjoy complimentary boat ride and F&B vouchers in December

RS - Mary River - Touchpool
NEW EXHIBITS AND EXPERIENCES: This December, visitors to River Safari will get to have a feel of fascinating aquatic creatures such as the prehistoric horseshoe crab and chocolate chip sea star. PHOTO CREDITS: WILDLIFE RESERVES SINGAPORE.

SINGAPORE, 30 November 2015 – From marvelling at the prehistoric lungfish to touching some of the ocean’s most fascinating critters, visitors to River Safari can look forward to learning more about riverine and aquatic wildlife with the unveiling of two new exhibits. The exhibits, named River Wonders and Mary River, showcase birds, fishes, mammals and other wildlife found within and around freshwater and marine ecosystems.

Located near the entrance of the park, the new River Wonders aquarium profiles a cross-section of riverine habitats and introduces visitors to the diverse flora and fauna on land and underwater. Close to 30 animal species reside in this exhibit, depicting the rich biodiversity in river habitats. Visitors can spot the endangered golden-headed lion tamarin and admire jewel-coloured fishes such as the pearl gourami and celestial pearl danio. This exhibit is also home to the light-coloured silvery marmoset – one of the world’s smallest monkeys – displayed for the first time in River Safari.

RS - River Wonders - Silvery marmoset 1
NEW EXHIBITS AND EXPERIENCES: This December, visitors to River Safari will get to meet some of the world’s smallest monkeys such as the silvery marmoset (above) and the endangered golden-headed lion tamarin. PHOTO CREDITS: WILDLIFE RESERVES SINGAPORE.

The new Mary River zone provides an overview of a river’s journey as it empties itself into coastal mangrove forests and eventually into seas and oceans. With over 20 animal species, this zone is divided into three sections to showcase river, mangrove and marine ecosystems. This includes an interactive exhibit where visitors can dip their hands into a touch pool for a feel of aquatic creatures such as the sea star and the horseshoe crab – a living fossil that has existed since millions of years ago. Other unusual species in the Mary River zone include the air-breathing Australian lungfish that can survive for a few days out of water, as well as the sharp-shooting archerfish which squirts water from its mouth to attack its prey.

Dr Cheng Wen-Haur, Chief Life Sciences Officer, Wildlife Reserves Singapore, said: “The new attractions represent our commitment in creating immersive wildlife experiences by continually refreshing our animal collection and revamping existing exhibits. Through seeing, understanding and even touching some of these aquatic species, we hope visitors will appreciate the wonders of freshwater and marine ecosystems and be inspired to protect them for future generations.”

From 1 to 31 December, Singaporeans, permanent residents and employment pass holders enjoy one complimentary boat ride and a $5 F&B voucher with every purchase of a River Safari admission ticket*. Those who purchase tickets online can save up to 15%. Visitors can take part in various fun-filled activities including photo contests as well as meet and greet sessions with mascots (Saturdays and Sundays). Kids can go on an adventure trail to learn more about freshwater wildlife at different river zones.

In addition, park-goers can also join River Trails, a guided walk filled with up-close animal encounters and interesting information about the animal residents during feeding time. This trail is conducted twice daily at 10.15am and 2pm with no additional charge.

The touch pool experience is available between 10.30am to 6.30pm on weekends and public holidays. On weekdays, it is available between 10.30am to 1pm and 2.30pm to 6.30pm. River Safari opens daily from 10am to 7pm.

*Terms and conditions apply. More information can be found on theriveriscalling.sg.