SINGAPORE, 11 Jul 2012 — Singapore Zoo recently celebrated the birth of its 13th white rhino, an adorable and curious youngster named Jumaane.

Jumaane, which means “born on Tuesday”, arrived on 10 April this year, which of course, is a Tuesday. Weighing approximately 70kg at birth, he is undoubtedly one of the biggest bundles of joy Singapore Zoo has welcomed to date.

Jumaane (front) was born on 10 April 2012, weighing a hefty 70kg. At birth, rhino calves can weigh between 40-70kg. Over the years, he will grow to an estimated male adult weight of 2,300kg.

Baby Jumaane can be seen exploring or rolling around in the mud in his spacious exhibit at the Wild Africa region of the Zoo. His mother, Shova is always close by though, keeping a watchful eye on her precious baby.

Prolific yet protective: 28-year old Shova stays close by while her baby finds his footing around their exhibit. Jumaane is Shova’s seventh calf.
Baby Jumaane excitedly enjoys exploring his exhibit, which is landscaped to resemble the white rhino’s African habitat.

Crash course: Jumaane is already building bonds with the other rhino residents. Here, he is sharing a nosey moment with 2-year old female Kito, who was also born in Singapore Zoo [Note: A group of rhinos is known as ‘a crash of rhinos’]
White rhinos are considered near threatened in the wild on the IUCN’s* Red List of Threatened species. Together with the Indian rhino, it is the largest species of land mammal after the elephant. They are hunted for their horns, which some believe as having medicinal properties. In fact, the horns are actually made of keratin, the same type of protein that makes up hair and fingernails, and there has been no scientific evidence to suggest that they are a cure for anything.

Singapore Zoo currently has eight of these majestic creatures in its collection, and boasts the most number of white rhinos bred in a single zoo in Southeast Asia. Of the 13 babies born here, some have been sent to Indonesia, Australia, Thailand and Korea as part of the Zoo’s ex-situ conservation efforts through its worldwide exchange programme.

Meet the white rhinos during their daily 1.15pm feeding session—the first ever in Asia—and experience an up close and personal encounter with these giants.

*International Union for the Conservation of Nature


Singapore, 19 Sep 2011 – In the spirit of Children’s Day this October, the Singapore Zoo and Jurong Bird Park will be gearing up for a flurry of special activities from 3-9 October. Kids visiting the parks with their families during the weekend of 7-9 October especially, will be in for even more treats, with magic performances and animal mascot appearances at the Zoo as well as meet and greet sessions with feathered friends at the Bird Park.

Jurong Bird Park
Food and Feathers Trail: Children will learn about the relationship between the diet of man and birds. They will also learn the importance between the environment and birds. The little ones will find out how they can help protect our birds through this fun and educational walk. Participants will visit various learning stations featuring penguins, pelicans, owls and flamingoes.
Date/Time: 3 – 9 Oct 2011 (Mon – Sun), 9.00am – 3.00pm
Venue: Register at Entrance

Meet & greet session with our feathered friends: Meet some of the stars in the Bird Park as show presenters share interesting nuggets of information about them.
Date/Time: 3 – 6 Oct 2011 (Mon – Thu), 9.30am – 9.45am. 7 – 9 Oct 2011 (Fri – Sun), 1.45pm – 2.00pm
Venue: Pools Amphitheatre

Dr Squawk’s Flightless Feathery Friends: Set sail with Dr Squawk and learn more about our flightless feathery friends in this special Children’s Day programme.
Date/Time: 3 – 6 Oct 2011 (Mon – Thu), 9.45am – 10.00am
Venue: Pools Amphitheatre

Sweetheart the ventriloquist flaps some fun: Let Sweetheart and her flap-bulous puppet friend, Baby Pinky, kick up a storm of laughter for the little ones. Brace your tummies for 20 minutes of non-stop laughter!
Date/Time: 7 – 9 Oct 2011 (Fri – Sun), 2.00pm – 2.20pm
Venue: Pools Amphitheatre

Note: All activities are free, but usual admission charges to the park apply ($18 per adult and $12 per child between 3-12 years)

Singapore Zoo
Rainforest ALIVE! booth: Kids can get creative and colour a vision of a rainforest scene together with various rainforest animals here. They will also get to indulge in fun face and hand painting activities*.
Date/Time: 3 – 9 Oct 2011 (Mon – Sun), 10.00am – 4.00pm
Cost: Donation of any amount will go towards Wildlife Reserves Singapore Conservation Fund (WRSCF).
Venue: Outside entrance retail shop, Singapore Zoo
* Face and hand painting activities are only available from 7 – 9 October.

Make a Falabella Friend today!: Kids can get a close encounter with the world’s smallest breed of horse, the Falabella, at this pitstop.
Date/Time: 3 – 7 Oct 2011 (Mon – Fri), 11.00am – 11.30am
Venue: Outside entrance retail shop, Singapore Zoo

The Grand Giraffe Parade: Dance around a bevy of graceful ‘giraffes’ for a perfect photo opportunity!
Date/Time: 3 – 9 Oct 2011 (Mon – Sun), 12.00pm – 12.30pm & 4.30pm – 5.00pm
Venue: 3 – 6 Oct: Outside entrance retail shop, Singapore Zoo. 7 – 9 Oct: Rainforest Kidzworld

Magic on the Move with Uncle Jimbo: Singapore Zoo will celebrate Children’s Day with quirky magician Uncle Jimbo. This year, you’ll be in for a treat as Uncle Jimbo greets you at the zoo entrance with his bag of magic tricks. Don’t forget to catch his stage show too at the Rainforest Kidzworld for more magical fun!
Date: 7 – 9 Oct 2011(Fri – Sun)
Time/Venue: 10.30am –11.00am: Outside entrance retail shop, Singapore Zoo. 11.30am – 12.00pm: Rainforest Kidzworld Amphitheatre

Dr Ooz on the Loose!: Dr Ooz our in-house researcher is on a secret mission! He has to nab the nasty poachers who have ventured into the lush forest of Ooztopia before more animals get harmed! Join him as he shares with you his findings and learn about why the animals’ survival is important to our well-being.
Date/Time: 7 – 9 Oct 2011 (Fri – Sun), 3.00pm – 3.30pm
Venue: Rainforest Kidzworld Amphitheatre

Note: All activities are free, but usual admission charges to the park apply ($20 per adult and $13 per child between 3-12 years)


Singapore, 30 July 2011Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) is throwing open its doors and giving everyone great reasons to visit its parks this month. In conjunction with Singapore’s 46th birthday, its award winning parks, Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari and the Singapore Zoo, are offering a slew of special discounts.

Free Admission
August babies who are Singaporean and Permanent Residents are in for a special treat as they will enjoy complimentary visits across all three parks for the whole month of August. They can visit the parks as many times as they would like, as National Day calls for a massive celebration. Visitors simply need to present a photo identification card as proof of their birthday at the ticketing booth to redeem their free pass.

Recharge with $4.60 and $46 specials
Guests can also rest and recharge at WRS’ food and beverage outlets, which will be offering discounts such as Hawk Café’s chicken rice at Jurong Bird Park at $4.60, Pizzafari’s pizza at Singapore Zoo for $4.60, and Ulu Ulu Restaurant’s chili crab at $46. These promotions are valid for the whole month of August at Jurong Bird Park’s Hawk Cafe, Night Safari’s Ulu Ulu Restaurant and Singapore Zoo’s Pizzafari.

Shop for $4.60 mementos
After a day of fun at the parks, it’s time to bring home a memento from the parks’ retail shops. Shopaholics can bring home a bird plush keyring at $4.60 from Jurong Bird Park or an animal tail at $4.60 at Night Safari and Singapore Zoo. In the spirit of National Day, visitors can display their patriotism by donning a Singapore flag temporary tattoo for just $0.46. These tattoos are available for sale at all retail stores across three parks.

Free admission terms and conditions:

  • Valid till 31 Aug 2011
  • Valid for Singaporeans, PRs, & Employment Pass holders
  • Proof of identity is required
  • Not valid with other offers and online purchase
  • Does not include panorail/tram ride at Jurong Bird Park and Singapore Zoo.


Singapore, 16 December 2010Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) is taking on a fun – and soft – approach in its latest effort to spread the message of wildlife conservation. The parent company of the Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari and Singapore Zoo, and the upcoming River Safari, has been appointed the exclusive distributor of YooHoo & Friends, a collection of soft plush toys that are cute, huggable and reflective of highly endangered animals in the wild.

Created by Aurora, one of the leading companies for high-end soft toy designs in the global gifts industry, these 8-inch plush creatures come in 33 different animal designs, which depict highly vulnerable species across the globe. These include the Iberian Lynx in Europe, Spectacled Bear in South America, Platypus in Oceania and Japanese Macaque in Asia. Currently, twelve designs have been put on sale at the Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari and Singapore Zoo. These include best-sellers like the Fennec Fox and Fairy Penguin. WRS plans to bring in the other 19 designs in the coming months. They are also retailing at major shopping centers, including Takashimaya, N’BC stationery, BHG, Isetan as well as the Singapore Science Centre and Mount Faber Cable Car Station.

These little wildlife ambassadors have been a big hit with both the young and old, since they were first introduced as plush toys four years ago. There is even a Korean animated series, YooHoo & Friends, which was created to teach children the importance of protecting and conserving the environment.

Said Ms Linda Tan, Assistant Director, Retail, Wildlife Reserves Singapore, “We hope to draw the consumers’ attention to these doe-eyed endangered species, to spark interest and eventually bring the message of conservation in a lovable and fun way to the masses. WRS will be partnering with local departmental stores, retailers and organizations to make these plush toys readily available to the public. We also have plans to go regional by approaching zoos and wildlife parks across Asia to develop new distribution channels and spread the message of wildlife conservation.”

“Children will be drawn to the cuddly features of the toys while teenagers will find the innocent expressions most endearing. Adults will find solace in these small critters as they make ideal stress relievers,” she added.

YooHoo & Friends will make ideal gifts this festive season, particularly for young children as they fulfill international safety standards and specifications, including those set out by the EU Directive for Toy Safety, i.e. Standard EN71, and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Toy Safety.

Consumers and collectors can even look forward to a special Valentine’s Day edition that includes a 28-inch tall Bush Baby plush that will make its debut in January/February 2011. There will also be a limited edition Halloween collection in Q3 of 2011.



SINGAPORE, 27 October 2009 – NEC Asia, a wholly owned subsidiary of NEC Corporation (HQ: Japan), has been appointed by Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) as the technology solutions provider for the integrated ticketing and admission system at its four parks – Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari, Singapore Zoo and the upcoming River Safari that is due to open in 2011. Both parties inked a contract for this project at the Night Safari today.

The new system will fully integrate all the back‐end ticketing and admission control operations at the four parks, to provide an online, real‐time, and efficient system to effectively support ticketing and admission control operations. With a growing annual visitorship of more than four million guests, the new system will deliver faster ticketing and admission control, and allow for detailed demographic tracking. The new integrated system also allows WRS to create more opportunities for sales and marketing promotions across its parks.

Mr Kiyofumi Kusaka, CEO, NEC Asia, said, “Backed by a history of more than 100 years of continuous innovations, NEC Asia, in collaboration with Gateway Ticketing System, is pleased to lend its leading technologies and solutions to Wildlife Reserves Singapore, to create a more convenient and pleasant experience for the visitors to these parks. Gateway’s ticketing system is currently used in many leisure attractions worldwide and has proven to be able to manage high volumes of visitors and quickly, at any one time. We believe our new system will simplify the admission process, bringing about greater convenience for visitors going to Wildlife Reserves’ parks.”

Ms Fanny Lai, Group CEO of Wildlife Reserves Singapore, said, “Being one of Singapore’s top tourist attractions, Wildlife Reserves Singapore is constantly seeking ways to improve our parks and services. We are confident that once the new system is implemented, queuing time at the parks’ entrances will be significantly reduced, thus contributing to a more memorable experience for our guests. The system’s capability of demographic tracking, will also aid WRS parks in targeting our marketing initiatives to the relevant stakeholders.