Singapore, 3 February 2012 – There are similarities between the avian and human world. Amongst both parties, there are instances of monogamy. Cranes, penguins, hornbills and ducks are some of the avian species which practice monogamy.

Mandarin ducks, famed for being a symbol of fidelity and marriage in Chinese culture, are thought to be monogamous. At Jurong Bird Park, it is now breeding season for these 27 Mandarin ducks, and what is interesting when breeding season comes round is that the male ducks (drakes) don their Sunday best for courtship. From a drab-looking, brown-white plumage, the drake morphs into an iridescent colour palette of orange, brown, purple, green and blue to attract the female duck. Once a pair is established, mating takes place in the water, and a clutch of 8-12 eggs is laid, with an incubation period of 30 days.

Carolina wood ducks are also known to be a monogamous species. Likewise with the Mandarin ducks, all wood ducks sport similar earthy colour tones until breeding season starts. The drake then sports a glossy plumage of several shades of green, white and black, with a sleek crest to attract a mate. Eggs are laid in clutches of 7-15 with an incubation period of 30 days.

The adventurous Carolina wood ducks take courtship a step further, taking nightly strolls on their own from their exhibit at the Bird Park’s entrance into the Park under the cloak of darkness. They visit the Mandarin duck exhibit, some 300m away from the entrance. They have also made tracks for the Pools Amphitheatre, where twice daily shows are held, but unfortunately, as their journey takes place after park hours, Bird Park staff have told them firmly that they are too late for show auditions and auditions have closed. The wood ducks then quack in dismay at being herded away from the Pools Amphitheatre. No chance at fame tonight!

Whilst the ducks engage in mating rituals, couples to Jurong Bird Park on 14 February can also indulge in a premium package specially put together for Valentine’s, where Cupid’s Candlelight Dinner takes centrestage. The recently launched Penguin Coast plays host to lovers as they wine and dine on delectable dishes like the oven-baked Chilean Codfish, Wagyu Beef, and Blueberry Chocolate Chateau, right in front of an amazing penguin viewing gallery. A dining treat to be savoured, couples will get an up close experience and photo opportunities with a bird of prey appearance, and penguin feeding and commentary as they dine the night away in tuxedoed company.

Jurong Bird Park’s Cupid Candlelight Dinner
Date: 14 Feb 2012 (Tuesday)
Venue: Penguin Coast
Time: 7pm
Pricing: $208 + per couple

Charges include admission and dinner at Jurong Bird Park for two, and an exclusive couples gift.

Seats are limited, so do make those reservations early! For reservations, please call 6360 8560 during office hours or email

Starter: Lovers’ Lobster Salad - Lobster Medallion with Mango, Avocado, Water Chestnut, Sherry Vinegar Enhanced with Aged Balsamic topped with Garden Salad
Soup: “My Little Dumpling” Scallop Soup - Light Cream of Scallop Soup with Smoked Turkey Dumpling and US Asparagus served with Assorted Country Style Bread (Multi-grain and Olive Bread Roll)
Entrée: Cod My Heart - Oven Baked Marinated Chilean Codfish with Champagne Sauce, Pea Puree, Chateau Dauphinoise and Baby Vegetables
Entrée: Wild About Wagyu - Corn Fed Wagyu Beef with Merlot Jus, Pea Puree, Chateau Dauphinoise and Seasonal Vegetables
Dessert: Lust for Chocolate - Flavor Blueberry Chocolate Chateau Enhanced with Vanilla Sauce and Strawberry Sauce Finished with Glazed Fresh Fruit

Also included in the dinner menu package:
** Free flow of soft drinks, orange, pineapple and lime juice.
** Special gift for the couple.
** Bottle of sparkling wine.