Singapore, 10 November 2011 – The world’s largest bird paradise, Jurong Bird Park, will be celebrating the “hatching” of its latest kids’ playground, Birdz of Play, through a series of eggciting activities during an event called the Hatch Day Eggs-travaganza in conjunction with the December school holidays.

Birdz of Play is a colourfully themed play area, with wet and dry play areas for toddlers and older children. Kids of all ages are in for a splashing good time as they engage in some wild water fun. One of the highlights is the water play area, which has a huge clambering splash and slide element, where a huge bucket of water will tip every few minutes, thoroughly drenching anyone under it. The dry play area will be a sensory one for kids, as they go though the interactive component, as well as play on the swing, see-saw or flying fox.

Event Highlights
Hatch Day Eggs-travaganza
Date: 3-25 December (Saturdays and Sundays only)
Activities are free but usual Park admission rates apply

Hatch Day Party
Kids will meet the cuddly and friendly egg mascots, Dodo and Didi at this free party. Both guardians in the Land of Eggs, they are overjoyed about a beautiful and exotic egg that they have uncovered. With the help of a magical stethoscope, Dodo has determined that today will be the day that this rare and beautiful egg hatches! Kids will also watch a magic show by the Egg Wizard and learn how to perform Dodo and Didi’s signature egg dance.

Time: 12.00noon
Venue: Birdz of Play

Join the Water Dippers at Waterplay!
Come have a bucket of laughs with the Water Dippers! Dressed in wet suits, big snorkel masks and flippers, the Water Dippers will entertain with heaps of physical comedy and slapstick antics. Armed with water guns and water buckets, they will play with the kids at the wet play area for a splashing fun time.

Time: 11:30am and 12:45pm
Venue: Birdz of Play

Eggnimal Craft Booth
Kids can show off their brilliant art-and-craft skills and learn how to make adorable animals and birds out of plastic eggs.

Time: 10am – 4pm
Venue: Birdz of Play

Send your Egg-mas Greetings
With Christmas just round the corner, kids can visit the booth to design their very own Eggmas e-card and send their personalised Christmas greetings to friends and family for free!

Time: 10am – 4pm
Venue: Entrance of Jurong Bird Park

Meet & Greet Dodo and Didi
Kids will get a chance to come up close to the cuddly egg mascots, Dodo and Didi, and take a fun picture with them.

Time: 9:30-10:00am and 3:30-4:00pm
Venue: Entrance of Jurong Bird Park and Birdz of Play

Meet the Birds
At this session, kids will get to meet our talking Amazon parrot, Quincy and come up close and take a photo with our beautiful cockatoo and macaw.

Date: 17, 18, 24, 25 December
Time: 2:00pm – 2:30pm
Venue: Birdz of Play

Birdz of Play
Egg-citing Fun!
Egg-cellent Handicraft



Singapore, 4 September 2011 – The world’s largest avian paradise kicks off a two-month long park admission promotion for families visiting the park. From 3 September 2011 to 3 November 2011, visitors will enjoy a special 50% off admission by presenting ‘We Welcome Families Week’ (WWFW) coupons. The promotional coupons are available in selected print media as well as electronically on http://www.wewelcomefamilies.sg.

Businesses for Families Council (BFC) partnered Jurong Bird Park to kick off the WWFW promotion with a dance flash-mob, hoping to increase awareness of this year’s WWFW campaign and consumer-centric promotions.

Jurong Bird Park, one of the award-winning attractions of Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS), offers wholesome family activities, educational programmes as well as avian exhibits and shows that allow family members of all ages to enjoy an unparalleled avian and wildlife experience.

WWFW dance flash-mob at Jurong Bird Park
Dancers depicting the bird park as a place for everyone of all ages
Dancers carrying WWFW campaign posters
Members of the dance flash-mob crew



Singapore, 05 August 2011 – Four king penguins from Jurong Bird Park, the world’s largest avian park, will soon be flown to China as part of an exchange programme between Jurong Bird Park, an award winning park under Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) and Panyu Xiangjiang Safari Park in Guangzhou, China.

The exchange is part of a Memorandum of Understanding signed between both parties to improve conservation efforts through the sharing of resources and knowledge. “We are the only institution in South East Asia to successfully breed king penguins in captivity, and we are happy to share our breeding expertise with Panyu Xiangjiang Safari Park,” said Mr Raja Segran, General Manager, Jurong Bird Park. “The successful breeding of animals in captivity will ensure the survival of endangered species in the wild and also serves the purpose of educating visitors about the wildlife we have on our planet.”

The king penguins, two male and two females aged about four years old each, were first identified based on suitable age and sexual maturity. Subsequently, the captive-bred penguins were isolated prior to export to allow daily observations of their health status prior to departure.

They will undergo a routine veterinary check today, which is an important step in getting them ready for their trip on 16 August. Vets will conduct physical examinations and blood tests to ensure the birds have a clean bill of health.

Easily identified by their striking ear patches of golden-orange feathers, king penguins are the second largest species of penguin after the Emperor penguins, and one of the six species that can be found at the Jurong Bird Park’s Penguin Coast. This latest attraction features a total of 96 penguins of six different species, including the Humboldt, Rockhopper, Macaroni, Fairy and the African penguin, a recent addition that is adaptable to tropical climate. This exhibit features two 15-minute feeding sessions daily at 10.30am and 3.30pm where visitors can learn more about the different breeds and their feeding habits.

Frost, a 4 year old king penguin at Jurong Bird Park being restrained by his keeper, Angelin.
Dr Melodiya Magno conducting a physical check up on Frost.
Dr Melodiya about to collect a blood sample from Frost to run blood tests to check his health status.
Taking a blood sample from Frost’s neck for laboratory testing.


SINGAPORE, 14 July 2011 – Fans of the hugely popular Angry Birds iPhone application can now get their hands on game collectibles at the Jurong Bird Park, the world’s largest avian paradise. The flock of vibrantly-coloured plushes became hot ticket items and were quickly sold out when they were first released at the park in early May. From today, fans can browse and buy the full range at the Bird Park’s Feathers gift shop, which is located before the ticketing counter, so no admission is necessary to make a purchase.

Jurong Bird Park, the official licensed retailer of the Angry Bird collectibles in Singapore, will carry a wide range of products including huggable plush toys of varying sizes, keychains, figurines and iPhone mobile covers. A limited stock of iPad 2 covers, retailing at $79.90, will also be available, together with iPhone 4 and iTouch covers priced at $39.90.

This fun and addictive game, created by Finland-based Rovio Mobile, has been downloaded more than 100 million times by users on a range of devices. It involves catapulting ‘angry birds’ at greedy green pigs using a slingshot.

All prices inclusive GST:

1. iPad 2 cases – $79.90
2. iPhone 4 & iTouch covers – $39.90
3. 3″ clip-on – $9.90
4. 5″ plush toy with sound – $14.90
5. 8″ plush toy with sound – $22.90
6. 16″ plush toy – $69.90
7. 12″ plush toy with sound (assorted) – $35.90 (NEW)
8. 12″ green king pig with sound – $35.90 (NEW)
9. Keychain Figurine – $9.90 (NEW)
10. Figurine 2 Pack Asst – $13.90 (NEW)
11. 5″ Bouncing Ball – $13.90 (NEW)

Feathers gift shop (located before the Park’s entrance)
Jurong Bird Park
2 Jurong Hill
Singapore 628925
Tel: 6661 7857

Angry Birds Plush Toys



SINGAPORE, 29 June 2011 – Get ready for some camera action while experiencing a vivid spectrum of colours with a photography competition organised by world’s largest bird paradise. From 1 July to 30 September, Jurong Bird Park will present its colourful and fascinating avian residents as subjects in ‘Picture the Colour,’ a photography competition designed to promote and encourage avian conservation and awareness. In line with the Bird Park’s 40th anniversary, the competition underscores the importance of protecting our colourful feathered friends as they face the pressures of rapid urbanisation and the destruction of their natural habitats. Best of all, the winning prizes – Nikon cameras as well as Cathay Photo vouchers – are up for grabs for the most outstanding photo submissions. Participants can choose to compete in two of three categories: Old Skool Professional, Old Skool Amateur and Shoot From The Hip.

Old Skool Professional category caters to the avid semi-professional photographers, challenging the skills of contestants in taking birds with DSLR cameras while the Old Skool Amateur category is aimed at photography fans who use point and shoot cameras. Lomo fans fret not; Shoot From The Hip gives them a chance to capture fun and creative photos with any toy camera or mobile phone camera with the use of lomography photo applications. All photo entries are expected to be of birds in the exhibits, wild or even migratory birds at Jurong Bird Park.

The judging panel for Picture the Colour consists of professional photographers from the industry including Mr Lee Tiah Khee, Chief Photographer from Lianhe Zaobao, Mr Desmond Foo, Executive Photojournalist, from Straits Times, Mr Then Chih Wey, Photographer, Xinhua News Agency and Mr Terence Tan, Freelance Photojournalist. They will be joined by a representative from Nikon as well.

There will be three winners in each category, who will be selected by the judges based on composition, subject, technical detail, creativity, amongst others. Fans of WRS’ Facebook page will also get the opportunity to pick their favourite pictures through a public vote, and a winner will be selected in each category for the ‘most liked picture’.

Prizes for this inaugural competition include Nikon products such as the D300s DSLR camera, as well as D5000 kit and D3000 kit. Other prizes include vouchers from Cathay Photo and vouchers for toy cameras, as well as Jurong Bird Park merchandise. For more information about the ‘Picture the Colour’ photography competition, please visit: http://www.birdpark.com.sg/

Join in the fun and test your skills


Singapore, 30 May 2011Jurong Bird Park, the world’s largest avian paradise, has scored a first yet again with the successful artificial incubation of two great pied hornbills, one of the most notoriously difficult species to breed in captivity. Eggs were carefully removed from the hornbills’ nest box this breeding season and incubated at the park’s Breeding and Research Centre (BRC). This was necessary as the breeding pair had cannibalised the chicks the previous year.

“While such cannibalisation behaviours are natural and common in hornbills, it differs from species to species. With the oriental pied hornbills, it is the survival of the fittest where the weakest hatchling is usually killed and eaten by the female,” said Dr Minerva Bongco-Nuqui, Curator, Jurong Bird Park.

To avoid a similar situation, avian keepers kept a close watch on the nesting pair, and quickly extracted their eggs the second week after laying. “Hornbills are generally very selective and monogamous when it comes to mating and take a while to breed as they would require a long time to bond. Conservation and captive breeding are crucial for great pied hornbills since they are losing their natural habitat because of rapid urbanisation and human activities,” she added.

Due to the size of this magnificent bird and its special nesting requirements, captive breeding is especially difficult as tree cavities need to be big enough. Hornbills have unique breeding characteristics as the female seals herself in the nest, leaving a tiny slit through which her male counterpart feeds her foraged or hunted food. She would remain sealed in the nest for up to three months, when her chicks are ready to fledge and leave the nest.

The pair has been together for over 10 years, and had their first offspring in 2006. Their two new chicks hatched in the BRC on April 14 and 20 respectively, and have been under the care of Mr Elden Gabayoyo, the Avian Management Officer in charge of the Centre.

“As these hatchlings were artificially incubated, we were very careful about their diet,” he noted. “In the first few days, they were fed with mice pinkies, papaya, vitamin supplements and Pedialyte for hydration. When they grow older, they will eat mealworms, crickets and fruit such as papaya and banana, and will eventually be moved to the exhibit when they can feed on their own.”

This is the first time the Jurong Bird Park has artificially incubated a hornbill species. The latest offspring brings the total number of great pied hornbills at the park to 17. They are one of the largest members of the hornbill family, and can live up to 50 years in captivity. They are found in the forests of India, the Malay Peninsula and Sumatra. Admired for their size and bright colours, they are prized for their body parts, e.g. beaks and heads are used as charms and souvenirs, feathers used in head dresses and flesh as medicine; hence the urgent need for greater conservation efforts for this and other hornbill species.



SINGAPORE, 17 August 2010 – The Jurong Bird Park, the largest bird park in the world, will be conducting a series of exciting and educational activities in the next few months to promote appreciation and conservation of bird life among the young.

From a rapturous encounter with birds of prey to a behind-the-scenes look at Asia Pacific’s only dedicated bird hospital, pre-schoolers to pre-teens and their families can look forward to an interesting day out with the park’s feathered friends.

The Bird Park is not only a wildlife sanctuary for 8,000 birds representing 600 of earth’s avian species, but also home to a world-class avian hospital. And now, the public can learn how park veterinarians keep the birds in the pink of health in a special tour of the hospital on 12 September. Facilities that will be open to visitors include the treatment room, X-ray facility, surgery room, avian recovery room, and pharmacy.

To celebrate Children’s Day, the Bird Park will conduct a special GO, GLOW, GROW, Challenge for pre-schoolers and primary school students from 27 September to 1 October. The two-hour programme will teach the little ones different diets of birds by allowing them to observe, smell and touch seeds and other food at the feeding stations at various locations within the park, such as the World of Darkness, Lory Loft, and Pelican Cove. There will also be an amusing magic show featuring a ventriloquist with her larger than life bird puppet every day at 10.30am at the Pools Amphitheatre to tickle their little funny bones.

In November, the Bird Park will hold its two-day Bird Quest Camp, which features two full days of activities (without a sleep over) for kids aged 6-11 years. The interactive nature of the camp will allow kids to embark on an expedition for some up close avian encounters, such as the opportunity to be trained in the ancient art of falconry. Participants will tour the newly-opened Bird Discovery Centre, and unearth the secrets of nest-making, egg-laying, and the art of taking flight. They will also find out what solitary and nocturnal birds like owls hunt for dinner under the cover of darkness. At the Breeding and Research Centre, participants will meet new hatchlings and understand how the park takes care of these feathered bundles of joy.

To register and for more information, please email amberly@birdpark.com.sg / maggieang@birdpark.com.sg or call tel: 6661 7809.

Avian Hospital Behind-The-Scenes Tour
Date: Sunday, 12 September 2010
Time: Session 1 – 10.00am, Session 2 – 11.45am
Duration: 45 mins per tour
Fee: $16.00 per participant (exclusive of park admission)*
Capacity: 20 pax per session

GO, GLOW, GROW Challenge
Date: 27 September – 1 October 2010 (school bookings only), 1 October 2010 – (also open to the public)
Time: 9.00am – 3.00pm
Cost: Free (park admission charges apply)*
Age: Pre-schoolers and primary schools (bookings by schools only)

Magic Show
Date: 27 September – 1 October 2010
Time: 10.30am
Venue: Pools Amphitheatre
Cost: Free (park admission charges apply)*

Two-Day Bird Quest Camp
Date: 25 – 26 November 2010 (Thursday & Friday)
Time: 9.00 – 5.00pm
Age: 6 – 11 yrs
Cost: $120.00 per child (excludes 7% GST). 5% off for Feather Friends, Friends of the Zoo or Wildlife Unlimited / Plus Family Membership

Please note that the registration cost for the Bird Quest Camp includes admission to the park, panorail rides, conducted tours, all meals stated and materials for art and craft.

*Park admission charges:
Adult: $18.00 per person
Child (3-12yrs): $12.00 per person

Avian Hospital Behind-The-Scenes Tour
Two-Day Bird Quest Camp
Learn the ancient art of falconry